Data ETL

Get unlimited data automation with ThinkAutomation. ThinkAutomation will parse and process your inbound data at any volume. Then, it will run any number of automations against it, across any number of systems in your tech stack.

Data ETL – overview

  • Configure custom data workflows via an automation studio designed for open-ended scale
  • Orchestrate your desired connections, conditions, and automations via a drag and drop GUI
  • Create simple automations to extract, transform, and load data or automate entire processes end-to-end
  • Automate across local databases and systems as well as cloud services
  • Infinite extensibility to handle as many processes, data volumes, and integrations as you need

Data ETL – use cases

  • Parse email attachments, convert to PDF, and upload to a folder or non-relational database
  • Combine data retrieved from source systems and land them in a data warehouse
  • Migrate big data from legacy systems to new databases or cloud services
  • Convert any form-based messages of any type into Excel or CSV records
  • Extract content from documents and PDFs and upload into DB fields
  • Manipulate raw data into table structures optimised for reporting and push into BI suites
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case