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Unified Communications Automation

Monitor, automate and respond to multiple inbound sources in real time

Using the power of ThinkAutomation you can build your own Unified Communications solution and drive operational efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

Monitor Inbound Sources

ThinkAutomation can monitor multiple inbound sources in real time including Email (Office 365, GMail, IMAP and POP3), Database Pulls, File Pickup, Web Forms, Web Chat, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, Twilio SMS and Azure. From these sources you can then build out your automations.

multiple message sources
twilio automation example

Automating your Unified Communications

With a huge array of possible automations available you can now build out your own solution for your business. From database updates, automated email responses, ChatGPT powered bot responses, storing tickets and notifying colleagues, to sending SMS updates to customers. The options are almost endless allowing you to build out the automated unified communications solution that’s right for your business.

Automating your Unified Communications

  1. tick icon Better customer satisfaction – by offering automated updates and information regardless of channel, customers can get what they need quicker.
  2. tick icon Efficiency savings – by automating as much as possible, you reduce manual tasks and free up peoples time for more important jobs
  3. tick icon Collaboration – by having all your communications running through one system, you can ensure visibility of what is happening with each customer and better service that customer

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