Robotic Process Automation Software

what is rpa

Update Databases

Email To Database
Parse & Extract Data From Incoming Messages
Update Any Database
Lookup Data From Any Database
Monitor Database Changes


Auto Responses & Notifications

Send Outgoing Emails
Send Slack Notifications
Send iOS Notifications
Scheduled Sending
Create Custom Outgoing Attachments


Document Processing

Convert Incoming Message To PDF
Convert Word & Excel To PDF
Create Custom Reports
Word Mail Merge
Process Attachments


Social Automation

Monitor Twitter
Automate Twitter Posts
Automate LinkedIn Posts
Automate Facebook Posts
Scheduled Posting


SMS & Calls With Twilio Integration

Receive & Process Incoming SMS Messages
Send SMS Messages
Scheduled Sending
Wait For SMS Reply & Act On The Response
Make Telephone Call


Sentiment Analysis

Get Sentiment Score For Any Message
Train Sentiment Analyser
Execute Actions Based On Sentiment
Classify Messages


Translation & Geo-IP

Translate Incoming Emails & SMS
Translate Any Text
Create Sound File Of Spoken Text
Lookup Country & City For Any Email/IP


Update CRM

Update Microsoft Dynamics & Salesforce
Save Attachments To CRM
Lookup Data From CRM
Email To CRM


Office 365 & SharePoint

Sync Any Office 365 Mailbox
Create Contacts, Appointments & Tasks
Send Skype For Business Message
Update SharePoint


ThinkAutomation is a business process automation platform designed to monitor and act on business events. Use ThinkAutomation to receive Email Messages, SMS Messages, Database Records, Twitter Feeds, Web Pages, Web Forms,
RSS Feeds and other sorts of messages from multiple sources – then extract useful information from those messages to update your databases and perform multiple automated actions.
Automate the processes that need to occur when your business receives incoming messages and dynamically respond to things happening on the web.

ThinkAutomation works around the clock and in real-time. It doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t take breaks and it doesn’t make mistakes. ThinkAutomation is active 24/7/365, removing labour intensive tasks, allowing seamless adherence to processes and freeing up key resources to focus on value added activites.

One price, thousands of processes

ThinkAutomation doesn’t cost extra if you build out hundreds of workflows. Nor do we add fees for processing higher volumes of data.

Instead, you pay a set subscription price that covers you for unlimited data processing and unlimited workflows. Automate thousands of processes, for a fraction of the usual cost.


Inbound messages, database changes and monitored websites all pass through ThinkAutomation


ThinkAutomation integrates across your systems to start parsing, processing and syncing


Triggers kick into motion to send relevant responses, or perform the right follow-up action

Logic not magic

Run your business with rule-based logic. You set-up the rules once, and ThinkAutomation obeys them forever.

  • Use If statements – If, Then, Else – to create your conditions
  • Drag and drop your triggers and actions
  • Build as many simple or involved workflows as you want