ThinkAutomation is a business process automation solution designed to automate on-premises and cloud-based business processes that are triggered from incoming messages. Messages can be received by email, database records, webhooks, web forms, SMS messages, Teams messages, documents, local files and other messages sources.

When a message is received ThinkAutomation automatically executes one or more Automations. Automations are created using an easy to use drag-and-drop interface to run simple or complex tasks. Automations can perform many business process Actions, including: updating company databases, CRM systems and cloud services, sending outgoing emails, Teams & SMS messages, document processing, custom scripting, integration and much more. Over 100 built-in actions are included, plus ThinkAutomation is extensible with Custom Actions.

ThinkAutomation can run on-premises or in the cloud, reducing overall costs compared to hosted Automation solutions.

Create your ideal automation solution

Automate any process, in any application

ThinkAutomation is an on-premises automation system designed to handle any business process – locally as well as in the cloud. And with an inbuilt IDE and user-controlled setup, ThinkAutomation can work in any application, on any scale required. To achieve this scope, the product comprises:

"The time savings so far in using ThinkAutomation have been considerable. We’re probably just scratching the surface of the potential efficiencies the product can provide an enterprise of our size."

How it works

  • Connect data sources and systems via the ThinkAutomation studio
  • Orchestrate the movement of data from point to point
  • Build simple or complex automations to act on data and handle processes
  • Automate at scale and speed via a vast library of native integrations and actions
  • Customise to any degree required with the inbuilt IDE for custom scripts
  • Process high data volumes without the cloud costs via the hybrid automation gateway

Automate any process, in any application

IPaaS / data integration


Form / survey building

Email parsing

Threat monitoring

Web scraping

API gateway management

Data cataloguing

Document processing

Database pulls

Big data analytics

Telephony automation

Sentiment analysis

IoT monitoring

Extract, transform, load


CRM / database updates

Microsoft Teams bots

Geo-location mapping

Legacy software mining

Fast, endless data flows

"The product is nothing short of a masterpiece."

Own your process automation environment end-to-end

  • Install ThinkAutomation in your own environment
  • Run behind your own firewalls or DMZ
  • Process data locally, execute automations in any system
  • Use on-prem data in cloud services, without cloud storage
  • Automate processes in line with your own security protocols and data handling needs

Support hybrid integration scenarios


Fast, embedded data processing in a client environment

Public web API

Secure public endpoint for continuous data flows with cloud services

A single licence for everything