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Hybrid automation gateway

Connect your entire tech stack without storing data in the cloud

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ThinkAutomation API Gateway

ThinkAutomation provides a public Web API that acts as a secure tunnel between web resources and your on-premises or self-hosted ThinkAutomation instance. When your ThinkAutomation Server starts, it makes a secure outbound connection to the ThinkAutomation Web API Gateway server. This allows your ThinkAutomation Server to receive public HTTP requests without being publicly accessible itself.

Hookup 3rd party API webhooks, send web form data or create your own public API endpoints that connect to your Automations.

automation gateway

Keep databases and sensitive data sources on-site.

Securely use on-premises data in cloud services.

Process high volumes of data, without the usual cloud costs.

Automate the seamless flow of data across cloud and local endpoints

  • Connect any number of services in your stack together via ThinkAutomation
  • Orchestrate the movement of data from point to point
  • Build simple or complex automations to act on your data and handle processes
  • Secure public endpoint for continuous data flows with cloud services
  • Access on-premises data via secure public end-points
API Gateway
Reserved web API instances available
Local and public API out of the box
No setup required

Support hybrid integration scenarios

support hybrid integration

Fast, secure, cost-effective processing

  • Connect hundreds of sources – from custom apps, to legacy systems, to cloud services, to local folders, and more
  • The automation gateway determines what data gets sent, and transmits it in an efficient, usable form
  • Automatic queuing during downtime
  • Create a chain of communication between disparate systems, and have them execute inter-app automations
  • Reduce cloud bandwidth needs and slash the usual costs associated with processing data in the cloud
  • Integrate systems from multiple sites without expensive VPN's


Choose an Edition that’s right for you.



Basic Edition

  • 5 Message Sources
  • 500 Processed Messages Per Day
  • 1 Studio User


Standard Edition

  • Unlimited Message Sources
  • Unlimited Messages Per Day
  • 2 Studio Users


Professional Edition

  • Unlimited Message Sources
  • Unlimited Messages Per Day
  • 10 Studio Users
  • Custom Scripting
  • Custom Action Designer
  • Load Balanced & Failover Options

All editions include free product updates during the life of your subscription and access to the product support community. Premium support includes direct contact with support technicians via email, live chat and telephone.

Prefer to pay via invoice or need more? Our Enterprise edition can be tailored to your needs
  • tick icon Everything covered in the pro edition, plus access to our technicians
  • tick icon High availability and failover
  • tick icon Options for extended support and services
  • tick icon Only pay for the extras you need
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