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Sales Automation

Automate your sales process workflows to cut costs and increase customer satisfaction

Use ThinkAutomation to automate your sales processes and workflows

process prospects

Process prospects

You have leads streaming in through a number of digital channels: email enquiries, web forms, demo requests, and more. ThinkAutomation can process all those prospects on your behalf.

Our software bots read data from inbound sources, extract the relevant info, and push it to the right place. For sales teams, that means automatic lead entry into CRM, spreadsheets, and databases.

Lead scoring

Our software bots recognise keywords and phrases, and can be trained to automatically identify engaged or sales-ready content. This makes ThinkAutomation an ideal lead scoring tool.

All your inbound messages from customers and leads can be parsed and scored for sales probability. ThinkAutomation can then send you automated alerts and run reports to help you drive conversions.

lead scoring
lead nurturing

Lead nurturing

ThinkAutomation can nurture your sales leads with automated outbound emails. That might be a scheduled drip campaign, or a reactive email triggered by an event. (Like a web form submission.)

You manage lead nurturing emails with ‘if’ rules. First you create the sales content, then you create the conditions under which ThinkAutomation will send it. Our software bots automate the rest.

Instant connect calls

Use ThinkAutomation to bridge immediate sales calls with customers and prospects. Using rule-based logic, our software bots can follow up on inbound data with automated calls.

This could be a call triggered by an email or form field, or a call from a direct ‘click to call’ option online. Instant call bridging means you can contact leads on the spot, when interest is at its peak.

instant connects calls
sms offers

SMS offers

SMS has higher engagement and conversion rates than any other channel. So, use ThinkAutomation to create automated SMS campaigns at scale.

Through a rich Twilio integration, you can send targeted sales offers to your database via text message. Our software bots automate sending, then act on the results using your ‘if’ rules.

Monitor competitors

ThinkAutomation helps you track the online activity of your competitors. It can monitor specific webpages, and watch out for certain brand or product names on Twitter or RSS feeds.

From there, you can get alerts on key changes or opportunities – such as a change to a competitor’s pricing page or a negative review on Twitter.

monitor competitors

Account admin

Create, update and close customer accounts automatically. ThinkAutomation integrates your emails, calls, and other inbound communication data to CRM.

Our software bots extract and upload data, then use rule-based triggers to run follow-up actions. This means you can automate manual account admin, keeping all interactions updated in your CRM.

account admin
account management

Account management

Relationships can’t be automated. But the communications that build them can. So, use ThinkAutomation to help automate the processes behind successful account management.

You can schedule automated calls, ongoing lifecycle comms and quarterly account check-ins via email. This helps you keep in touch with customers, without the missed messages and manual effort.

Sales reports

ThinkAutomation can report on almost any class of metadata, allowing you to develop detailed customer profiles or build custom sales reports. Then, our software bots disseminate your reports.

ThinkAutomation will prepare the reports you need on a periodic basis and analyse their content. Then, using conditional processing, it will email reports to relevant stakeholders or send relevant alerts.

sales reports

Data extraction

Extracting data from sales documents can be a fiddly and time-consuming process. You have invoice details to paste, data from PDF contracts to scrape, spreadsheet data to migrate, and more.

So, ThinkAutomation can scrape data from multiple file formats and upload it to a desired destination. This makes the details locked within documents fluid, and helps you do more with your data.

data extraction
mailbox management

Mailbox management

Your sales inbox is no doubt overflowing with emails. Our software bots can monitor this mailbox and help manage it with a series of smart automated rules.

Whether it’s forwarding complaints to a manager, auto-responding to FAQs, syncing data to a third-party system or updating the status of emails: ThinkAutomation can manage your sales mailbox.

Invoice generation

ThinkAutomation can update your accounting records. Then, it can generate an invoice and deliver it to the right contact from your chosen email account.

Not only does this save you the time and effort of manual data (re)entry, it helps you push out invoices efficiently, accurately, and always on time.

invoice generation

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