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Create your own ChatGPT chatbots

Fast deployment of context-aware ChatGPT enabled web chat, email and SMS bots with local knowledge stores and private data access for accurate and relevant responses

ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other large language models are powerful conversational AIs, equipped with extensive knowledge. However, businesses often face the challenge of integrating AI with their own specific and up-to-date information relevant to their operations. ThinkAutomation provides a solution by offering essential tools to ensure your ChatGPT bot remains accurate, knowledgeable, and adaptable to your unique business needs.

With ThinkAutomation, you can quickly create and host ChatGPT-powered, context-aware, generative AI-enabled chatbots for customer support and service. Chatbots can respond via web chat, email, SMS and webhooks.

ChatGPT chatbot using local knowledge store

Build and host your chatbot with ThinkAutomation

Out of the box, you can deploy a context-aware ChatGPT powered chatbot online or internally. Give your ChatGPT chatbot access to all the information it needs, let it respond to inbound queries from any digital source, and ensure it has all the specific business knowledge it needs without lengthy and expensive training. Creating a business-specific ChatGPT bot has never been easier!

Use the built-in web chat form or respond to incoming Office365, Gmail, IMAP emails. You can also access your bot via an API call allowing you to integrate ThinkAutomation bots with your own chat interface or helpdesk.

Seamless integration with digital sources

ThinkAutomation acts as a central hub, integrating with various digital sources where your business information resides. From cloud platforms to social media feeds, local documents, emails, databases, and beyond, ThinkAutomation retrieves real-time updates and seamlessly updates your bot's knowledge base. Your chatbot stays relevant with the latest company information, product updates and customer data.

Unleash the power of On-Premise deployment

With ThinkAutomation, you can deploy the ChatGPT chatbot solution on-premise, granting your ChatGPT bot access to a wealth of information that may not be available through cloud providers alone. This means your ChatGPT bot can tap into internal knowledge bases, confidential information, and specialized databases, ensuring it has all the answers your customers need.

ChatGPT with access to on premise data

Fixed Cost

Forget about hidden fees, unpredictable pricing models and complex usage based pricing. ThinkAutomation offers a transparent and cost-effective solution with a fixed annual or one-off cost. You can confidently budget for your needs, knowing that ThinkAutomation provides exceptional value and a robust platform for your automation and chatbot processing.

Automatic language detection

Supports multiple languages

Users of your ChatGPT powered chatbots or email responders can talk to the bot using any language. The bot will respond back using the same language. Your internal knowledge store articles can be in your own language. ThinkAutomation uses language independent semantic search when it searches your knowledge store for context.

Seamless integration with human powered live chat

ThinkAutomation works seamlessly alongside other chat products, including its sister product WhosOn Live Chat. By combining the power of automation with live chat capabilities, you can deliver a superior customer experience. ThinkAutomation ensures that ChatGPT seamlessly interacts with customers, providing accurate and timely responses while seamlessly transferring to a human agent when needed.

Integrate ChatGPT bots with human live chat

Local ChatGPT knowledge access

ThinkAutomation bridges the gap between ChatGPT and your local knowledge repositories and data. By providing direct access to on-premise knowledge, your bot can offer comprehensive and accurate responses to customer queries, even when it comes to sensitive or confidential information. With ThinkAutomation, you can ensure that bots are a trusted resource for your customers, delivering personalized and precise answers.

Complete control and accuracy

With ThinkAutomation, you have full control over the content and information available to your ChatGPT bot. You can curate and manage the knowledge base, ensuring it remains up to date and accurate. Any changes to your knowledge base will be instantly reflected in bot responses. ThinkAutomation empowers you to fine-tune your ChatGPT bot's responses, making it an invaluable extension of your brand.

How to create a ChatGPT powered chatbot with access to a local knowledge store

  1. Create an OpenAI account and obtain your OpenAI API key.
  2. Download and install ThinkAutomation on any Windows 11 or Windows Server computer (on-premises or in the cloud).
  3. Add your OpenAI API key to ThinkAutomation.
  4. Open the Knowledge Store browser in ThinkAutomation and add your business specific knowledge articles (import PDF, Word, Text, HTML or Markdown documents).
  5. Add a new Web Chat Message Source in ThinkAutomation and select your local knowledge store created earlier. The default bot workflow is created automatically.
  6. Your bot is ready! Add the bot URL to your website, or use the local URL internally. Add more articles to your local knowledge store to improve responses.

Benefits of using ThinkAutomation to create ChatGPT powered bots

  • You don't need to train your own ChatGPT model, allowing you to use standard ChatGPT without training. This is much more cost effective and you don't have to keep re-training whenever your local knowledge changes.
  • You can make use of local (on-premises) knowledge without paying for 3rd party services to do this (you only need an OpenAI account). Your knowledge store is maintained locally - and does not need to be uploaded to any external service, which helps to reduce ongoing costs.
  • You don't need to be concerned about uploading potentially confidential or sensitive information to an outside service. Your chat bot can still be hosted publicly via the ThinkAutomation Gateway - but this is just the chat form HTML. All of the ChatGPT integration and knowledge search is handled by your local ThinkAutomation server. Knowledge base articles are not stored by ChatGPT itself.
  • You can use the same knowledge store to create bots that reply to incoming chats, emails, SMS messages or API calls. This allows you to standardize bot responses from multiple communication channels.
  • Technical knowledge of bot frameworks is not required.
  • You can create multiple chatbots that use separate knowledge stores for different topics.
  • ThinkAutomation automatically stores your knowledge base articles in it's 'vector database'. This enables natural language semantic knowledge store search, giving ChatGPT the information it needs when responding to questions.
  • Simply add more articles to your knowledge store to instantly improve bot responses.
  • All bot question and answer sessions are stored in your local ThinkAutomation message store database for future reporting.
  • In addition to your knowledge store, you can read context from your own database. This allows real-time bot responses, such as 'Do you have {product} in stock?'

Ready to create your own ChatGPT enabled chatbot or email responder?

Ease your chat, email and SMS bot creation with a free trial of ThinkAutomation. Embrace the power of ThinkAutomation and conversational AI. Supercharge your chatbot capabilities and elevate your customer interactions with ThinkAutomation today!

chatgpt bot with local knowledge

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