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Automate your document processing

Pain-free processing of your files and email attachments

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Document Processing with ThinkAutomation

Experience robust document management and automation with ThinkAutomation. Our advanced solution empowers you to effortlessly extract data, create and convert documents, from a huge variety of sources. Say goodbye to the hassles of administrative tasks associated with document management as ThinkAutomation takes care of it all, from parsing email attachments to handling local files.

Create, Convert & Extract Text

  • Create or update Excel spreadsheets and save as PDF
  • Create new formatted documents and save as PDF, Word and other formats
  • Convert PDF, Word, Excel, Richtext, HTML and images to text, PDF, Word, Images & HTML
  • Sign PDF documents
  • Automatically print documents and incoming attachments
  • Run Word Mailmerge
  • Automated Data Extraction from various document formats
  • Document Classification and routing
  • Data Validation and discrepancy alerts
  • Document Archiving in cloud or local storage
  • Audit Trails of document processing actions
  • Batch Processing for high-volume operations
  • Custom Workflow Creation tailored to specific needs
  • Automated Document Approval Workflows
  • Attach newly created documents to outgoing emails
Create Spreadsheet Screenshot
Create Spreadsheet Screenshot

Document Management & Distribution

  • Save attachments to files on your computer
  • Upload attachments and local documents to cloud storage
  • Send created and converted documents via email
  • Integration with Other ThinkAutomation Modules
  • Automated Document Distribution to stakeholders
  • Data Masking to protect sensitive information
  • Document Retention Policies implementation
  • Multi-language Support and auto-translation
  • Automated Reporting based on document data
  • Extract text and form data from PDF, Word, and image documents
  • Implement Data Masking to safeguard sensitive data in documents
  • Utilize Multi-language Support for managing documents in various languages
  • Generate Automated Reports providing actionable insights and analytics

Explore Endless Document Processing Possibilities with ThinkAutomation

You may only have a few core document processing needs. Or, you might want to incorporate automatic document processing within a larger workflow. Either way, ThinkAutomation can help.

Because ThinkAutomation uses conditional processing, your workflows can take whatever form you need. You simply set up rules (if this, then that), and ThinkAutomation executes them. For example:

If And Then
If the inbound email contains an attachment If the sender email matches a customer CRM record Upload the attachment to the customer's folder on OneDrive
If the attachment contains the word 'CV' or 'Curriculum Vitae' The attachment is a PDF document Extract the PDF text content, parse it and save to a database
If a new quote PDF document is found on a folder on your system The extracted email address is not blank Send an email to the customer with the quote attached and schedule an automated follow-up email in 7 days time

Transforming Business Operations Across Industries

Automate and enhance Sales Operations

Enhance your sales operations with ThinkAutomation. Automation meticulously process prospects from a myriad of digital channels, ensuring that every lead is captured and managed effectively. From email inquiries and web forms to demo requests, ThinkAutomation extracts pertinent information, automatically entering lead data into your CRM, spreadsheets, and databases to ensure your sales team never misses an opportunity. Automate follow-up communications, manage lead nurturing, and ensure an efficient lead management process.

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Automate Customer Service operations

Elevate your customer service experience with ThinkAutomation’s intelligent contact centre solutions. Automate the parsing of customer emails into your CRM, manage attachments efficiently, and ensure timely and accurate responses with automated SMS and email communications. From tracking and acting on customer feedback to syncing IT systems and managing multilingual communications with auto-translation, ThinkAutomation empowers your contact centre to deliver exceptional customer service.

Discover our contact center solutions

Automate Healthcare Management

ThinkAutomation streamlines healthcare management by automating crucial administrative tasks, ensuring secure patient data management, and enhancing communication. Automate the parsing of patient emails, send smart email auto-responses, and manage automated SMS alerts for appointments and reminders. From extracting text from images and scanned documentation to automating patient enrolment processes and bridging IT systems, ThinkAutomation ensures that healthcare professionals can focus more on patient care while administrative tasks are handled efficiently and securely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ThinkAutomation can extract text from documents and images without using external services. Specific data can then be extracted from the text to update your databases etc. You can also use ChatGPT to further process the text, such as extracting business data from unstructured text, analyzing text for sentiment, text classification, anonymization, summarization etc.

Yes, ThinkAutomation can extract text from images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It has fast OCR built-in (using Tesseract) and does not need to use an external service. You can also use the built-in ChatGPT action to extract text from an image.

Yes, ThinkAutomation can extract text from PDF files and incoming attachments. PDF form data can also be extracted. Once text is extracted you can further process the text to save to a database or CRM and perform other automated actions.

Yes, ThinkAutomation's Document Processing is designed to process a wide range of document formats, including PDFs, Word documents, OpenDoc, HTML, RichText, scanned images, and more. It ensures consistent data extraction regardless of the document source.

Absolutely.ThinkAutomation runs on-premises, or on a cloud virtual machine under your control. No documents or data are stored or processed externally.

Yes, ThinkAutomation is designed for seamless integration with a variety of business systems, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced operational efficiency.

ThinkAutomation's Document Processing platform is equipped to process documents in multiple languages, ensuring consistent data extraction and understanding across diverse content. Extracted text can be translated to any other language.

ThinkAutomation's Document Processing solution is versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, legal, retail, and more. Any industry that deals with document processing can leverage the platform for enhanced efficiency.

ThinkAutomation ensures efficient document storage with easy retrieval options. Processed data can be stored in structured formats. Data extracted from documents can be saved to a database. Document files can be saved to local or cloud storage.

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