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Post To Twitter

Posts a new item to Twitter for the specified Twitter user.




Enter the Tweet Text and an optional Tweet Image.


When this Action is run, ThinkAutomation will post to the Twitter feed of the specified Twitter Account Screen Name. You must authenticate to Twitter to specify the screen name to use. Click the Get Pin button to start the authentication process. ThinkAutomation uses the secure OAuth mechanism to authenticate with Twitter. This ensures your Twitter password is never stored in the ThinkAutomation Metadata.


You can use the Scheduled Execution tab to delay sending posting the Tweet by specific days or minutes, or post on a specific date.


Authenticating With Twitter

Click the Get Pin button to start the authentication process.


A Twitter login page will then be launched in your web browser:




Login with your Twitter username & password. Note: This information is NOT shared with ThinkAutomation.


By logging in you are authorizing the ThinkAutomation Application to post tweets to your feed.


Once you have signed in a Pin number will be displayed:




Enter the Pin number in the ThinkAutomation prompt:



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