If you can think it,
you can probably automate it.

Automate business messages, SMS, Twitter feeds, email, web & data sources. Create triggers based on message content to automate your business processes, integrations, social output, and intelligent customer responses.

Automate your inbound messages that are critical to your business   NEW FEATURES ❯❯

Inbound message processing

Automatically receive messages from multiple sources including

Extract information from inbound messages and run automated workflow triggers based on message content.

Decide how each data field is extracted.

Create triggers

Triggers can run multiple actions including

Document Processing

  • Convert Incoming Message To PDF
  • Convert Word & Excel Documents
    /Attachments To PDF
  • Create Custom Reports To Print Or Save As PDF
  • Word Mail Merge
  • Send Created Documents In Outgoing Messages

Social Automation

  • Post To Twitter
  • Post To LinkedIn
  • Post To Facebook
  • Scheduled Posting


  • Send SMS
  • Wait For SMS Reply
  • Make Telephone Call

Natural language processing

  • Get Sentiment Score
  • Train Sentiment Analyser
  • Translate Text
  • Create Sound File Of Spoken Text
  • Detect Country Of Sender

Update Database/CRM

  • Update A Database
  • Update Excel
  • Update CSV/Excel Files
  • Get CRM Entry
  • Update CRM Entry
  • Upload Attachments

Office 365/Sharepoint

  • Update Contact
  • Create Appointment/Note/Task
  • Move Message
  • Mark As Junk
  • Send Skype For Business Message
  • Update Sharepoint Item
  • Upload Attachments
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Our software works around the clock and in real-time. It doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t take breaks and it doesn’t make mistakes. ThinkAutomation is active 24/7/365, taking time-consuming tasks off your hands and silently pulling strings to keep your processes seamless.