Open-ended automation

ThinkAutomation is a unique automation tool in terms of scale and flexibility. It comes to you as an open-ended workshop from which you can build out any workflow imaginable. But how does it stack up as a Zapier alternative?

Stop paying for "Zaps"

ThinkAutomation doesn’t apply boundaries to how much you can automate. There’s no flat “Zap” allowance per month, and no volume limitations for data handling. You get:

Automation Uncapped Workflows
Automation Uncapped Data Processing
Automation Uncapped Integrations
ThinkAutomation vs Zapier

More coverage, less cost

So, how much does ThinkAutomation cost? Like Zapier, we’re transparent about pricing. Unlike Zapier, we don’t charge per-process. Our standard edition comes in at: £3000 per year

That covers you for unlimited feature access, unlimited data sources, unlimited data volumes, and unlimited automated actions.

A numbers comparison

 ThinkAutomation standard editionZapier professional edition
The number of connections between apps
Unlimited50 "Zaps"
How often new information is checked for
30 seconds5 minutes
The number of automated actions taken

Why choose ThinkAutomation as a Zapier alternative?

ThinkAutomation is an optimal Zapier alternative for users seeking more power from their automation solution. It offers more customisation, tighter control, stronger syncing power and ready access to support. Check the side-by-side weigh-up.




Great for simple point-to-point integrations
Great for building a completely custom automation solution around your needs
Can handle quick-fire data pushes for common, templated tasks
Can handle endless conditionals and ‘if’ blocks for every eventuality
Not designed for complex conditional workflows with custom triggers and actions
Define your own triggers and actions, with no need to rely on pre-set options



A web-based solution only offering a subscription option
A self-hosted solution that you can buy outright via a perpetual licence
All credentials to your various services stored via third-party cloud
All data and credentials stored on your own servers and behind your own firewalls
Zapier can shut off or update “Zaps” at any time, without notice
Yours to control once downloaded, so no risk of unexpected feature shutdowns
Syncing power



Not designed for push-pull syncing, so doesn’t offer two-way data pushes
Can sync data between apps in both directions as needed
Doesn’t process historical or legacy data
Will process years of existing data once purchased
Syncing is based around baked-in app integrations
Allows custom scripts for data syncing with any app, any way



Primary support is via email and help docs
Comes with support via telephone, live chat and email
No professional services offering
Full professional services team spanning consultancy, implementation and training
Limited product input
Direct access to the dev team for feature requests and product feedback

Try before you buy

You can take out a free trial of ThinkAutomation for a full 30-day stretch. We don’t take your credit card details, and you can simply uninstall if it’s not for you. So, why not try it as a more customisable Zapier alternative?

After your trial is complete you can purchase a licence to unlock the product. Your existing setup will be retained.

Prefer an online demo instead? Click here to request one.