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Twitter Feed

ThinkAutomation can read Tweets from a Twitter feed using your Twitter Account credentials. A ThinkAutomation Message will be created for each new Tweet. You can then fire ThinkAutomation Triggers based on the content.


Click the Twitter Feed option on the Ribbon bar.


Click the Read Messages From A Twitter Feed option to enable Twitter Feed reading.


Click the Get Pin button to authenticate with Twitter. ThinkAutomation uses the secure OAuth mechanism to authenticate with Twitter. This ensures your Twitter password is never stored in the ThinkAutomation Metadata.


When monitoring Twitter you have four options:


1. Get My Timeline - reads Tweets that you would normally see when you view Twitter with your account.

2. Get Mentions - reads all Tweets that mention you - this monitors all Tweets that include your Screen Name.

3. Get Timeline For Screen Name - reads all Tweets for a specified Screen Name. Enter the Screen Name to monitor.

4. Get Tweets For Search Term - reads all Tweets for the specified search string.


Each time ThinkAutomation connects to Twitter it will download new Tweets since the last time it connected.


Enable the Include Retweets option if you want re-tweets included in the returned Tweets.


Add User Information Fields To Plain Text


If this option is enabled then some additional Tweet sender fields will be added to the plain text. For example:


Tweet          : UK banks should reveal all employees earning more than £1m a year, #Labour's Ed Miliband says. Watch #PMQs LIVE:


Name           : BBC Breaking News

Screen Name    : BBCBreaking

Description    : Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (our World edition) and @BBCNews (our UK edition).

Profile Image  :

Url            :

Followers      : 2579968

Time Zone      : London

Verified       : true

Following      : true

Language       : en

Location       : London, UK


You can then parse and act on the message as you would any other type of message.


If not enabled then the body of the message will be set to the tweet text only. The message subject will be set to the Tweet text in both cases.


Create HTML Page In Addition To Plain Text


Enable this option if you want ThinkAutomation to create a HTML version of the message in addition to the plain text. This will be viewable in the Message Store viewer:





Authenticating With Twitter

Click the Get Pin button to start the authentication process.


A Twitter login page will then be launched in your web browser:




Login with your Twitter user name & password. Note: This information is not shared with ThinkAutomation.


By logging in you are authorizing the ThinkAutomation Application access to your Tweets.


Once you have signed in a Pin number will be displayed:




Enter the Pin number in the ThinkAutomation prompt:




Once the correct Pin is entered ThinkAutomation will be able to access your Twitter feed. You can disable access at any time in your Twitter settings - Applications tab.

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