Trigger Actions

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Trigger Actions

Click the Trigger Actions option on the Ribbon bar to define the actions that you want the Trigger to perform after it has extracted your fields.




Each of the Actions are optional. You can run one or more of the actions depending on your requirements. Each Trigger can contain any number of Actions. You can add multiple instances of each Action type - so for example, you can send multiple Outgoing emails by adding multiple 'Send Email' actions.


To add an Action double click an action in the Toolbox or drag and drop an action to the Actions List. When you add an Action the corresponding property page for the Action type will be displayed. To edit an existing action simply double-click it or press Enter.


When a Message is processed by ThinkAutomation the Actions of the matching Trigger will be executed in the order they appear in the Actions list. You can re-order actions using Move Up/Move Down buttons.


Use the Print button to create a report of your Trigger settings.


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