The ThinkAutomation Client Application

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The ThinkAutomation Client Application

The ThinkAutomation Client is a stand-alone program that you can install on multiple computers on your network. It connects to the ThinkAutomation Server using a secure HTTPS connection. The number of ThinkAutomation Clients that can connect to the ThinkAutomation Server at the same time depends on your license.


Users can drag and drop email messages, text files or attachments on to Triggers inside the Client. These will be sent to ThinkAutomation for immediate processing. You can drag and drop messages from Microsoft Outlook (MSG format) or any other email client that saves messages as EML files. Any text files dropped onto the Client will be converted into plain text emails. HTML files will be converted to HTML emails. Any other file types will be added as an attachment to a plain text email before being sent to the ThinkAutomation Server.


You can also drag files into your user (at the top of the tree). These messages will be saved directly in the ThinkAutomation Message Store against your user account. You can view the message store by right clicking an Account or Trigger, or your User Name and selecting View Processed Messages from the popup menu.




The Client is started by choosing ThinkAutomation Client from the Start Menu - ThinkAutomation Version 4 folder. A shortcut is also placed on the desktop during installation.


The Client is installed as part of the main ThinkAutomation Server installation. A separate Administrator-Only installer which includes the Client is available on our web site.


When the Client starts the user must login.




Enter the computer name/DNS or IP Address of the ThinkAutomation Server that you want to connect to. Enter your User Name & Password and click OK to connect.


The Client will then display the Accounts & Triggers that you have access to.



Outlook Integration

The ThinkAutomation Client includes an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that will automatically read new messages from selected Outlook folders and transfer them to the ThinkAutomation Client. Click the Outlook Integration button to configure this.


See: Integrating With Microsoft Outlook

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