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Each ThinkAutomation Account and User you create must belong to an Organization. ThinkAutomation creates a default Organization record when it is started for the first time. When a users logs into ThinkAutomation they can only see Accounts & Triggers for the Organization that they belong to.


Under most circumstances you should not need to create additional Organizations - unless you have many users and you want to separate them into groups.


You can create Organizations in the Program Options - Organizations tab, or when creating users.




Specify the Organization Name, Domain Name & Default Email address.


The Organization Name & Domain Name must be unique.


Organization Constants

You can assign each Organization any number of Constants. A Constant is a name, value pair that you can use as Field Replacements on any of your Trigger Action settings and Account settings.




For example, suppose you create a Constant called 'office365' and assign this the value of your Office 365 server. You can then use this on your ThinkAutomation Account settings:




Unlike Field Replacements, Organization Constants can be used on both Account Properties and Trigger Settings.


See Also: Field Replacements




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