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ThinkAutomation Clients

ThinkAutomation can also receive messages from remote users running the ThinkAutomation Client application. Users can drag and drop any message into the ThinkAutomation Client. These messages will then be sent to ThinkAutomation for processing. The ThinkAutomation Client application can also integrate with Microsoft Outlook.


Click the Direct API option on the Ribbon bar.


Click the Accept Messages From Remote ThinkAutomation Clients & ThinkAutomation Web Services option to enable this option.


You can install the ThinkAutomation Client application on multiple remote network workstations (or over the Internet). The ThinkAutomation Client connects to the ThinkAutomation Server via a secure HTTP connection. Users can then drag and drop any message onto the ThinkAutomation Client. The ThinkAutomation Client then creates a message which it sends to the ThinkAutomation Server for processing.


Any type of file can be dropped onto the ThinkAutomation Client. Email messages and Outlook MSG files will be sent as is. Text files will be converted to an RFC822 email formatted file before sending. Any other file type will be converted to an email message with the file included as an attachment.


For any message where no to address or subject can be obtained then the values specified in the Default To Address and Default Subject will be used.


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