Mail Server Geo-IP

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Mail Server Geo-IP

ThinkAutomation is able to assign incoming email messages with a 'Geo-IP' tag. Geo-IP refers to the physical location of the senders IP address. The Geo-IP data includes, Country, City and Region. It can also include the senders Organization name if you install the full ThinkAutomation Geo-IP Database.


ThinkAutomation includes a special database of IP addresses and their physical location. When an email arrives, ThinkAutomation will use the senders IP address (the actual IP address of the senders TCP/IP connection - not the IP address in the Received header) to lookup their Geo-IP data from this database. ThinkAutomation then adds the following headers to the email (for example):


ThinkAutomation-GeoIP: Stoke On Trent (Staffs) United Kingdom

ThinkAutomation-Organization: Parker Software


The Organization name that is shown is the name that is registered to the senders IP address. For most larger businesses this will be the actual business name. For home users and businesses using dial-up connections, it will be their ISP name.



The Geo-IP and Organization name will be used as part of the Spam filtering tokens. So, if you get a lot of Spam messages from (for example),China - then emails received with a Geo-IP tag containing 'China' will increase the spam probability for the email.


You can Blacklist certain locations or Organizations. For example, if you add 'China' to the locations-blacklist then all emails coming from China will be blocked.


You can also access the Geo-IP headers in your Triggers and thus create location or organization based Trigger conditions.


Installing The Organization Database

By default ThinkAutomation assigns only the Country, City and Region to incoming emails. The Organization database is not installed as part of the standard setup due to it's size (it is 90mb compressed). If you want to assign the Organization name to incoming emails you will need to install the full Geo-IP database. You can download this by clicking the Check For Updates button on the File menu.


Updating The Geo-IP Database

IP addresses are being re-assigned all the time, so the Geo-IP database is always changing. We update the Geo-IP database about once per month. You can install the latest version using the Check For Updates option.



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