Deploying Accounts To Other Servers

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Deploying Accounts To Other Servers

You can create an Account on one ThinkAutomation computer and then deploy it to another ThinkAutomation installation running on a different computer. This enables you to develop and test an Account & Triggers on a development computer before deploying it to your production ThinkAutomation Server.


Right-click any of your Accounts and select Deploy To from the popup menu.


Note: Only users logged into ThinkAutomation with Administrator rights will be allowed to do this.


Enter the ThinkAutomation Server that you want to deploy the selected Account to. This is the IP address or host name of the remote ThinkAutomation Server.


Enter the User Name & Password for a valid user on the selected server.


Click Deploy to upload the Account.


The Account and all it's Triggers will then be uploaded to the selected ThinkAutomation Server. If the Account already exists on the selected ThinkAutomation Server then it will be updated, otherwise a new Account will be created.







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