Conditional Execution

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Conditional Execution

Against each Action you can define a Condition that controls execution of the Action.


On each Action form the Condition tab is used to define the condition:




Click the Edit Condition button to open the Condition Builder.




Using the Condition Builder you can construct an IF statement.


In the If column you select a message property or one of your Extracted Fields or Variables.


In the Is column you select one of the following:


Equal To

Not Equal To

Less Than

Greater Than

Less Than Or Equal To

Greater Than Or Equal To

Is Blank

Is Not Blank


Does Not Contain

Starts With

Length Equal

Length Less Than

Length Greater Than

Is A Valid Email Address

Is Not A Valid Email Address


In the Value column you can type a value to compare against or select one of your Extracted Fields or Variables.


Click the Add button to add another line. The new line can be assigned as an AND or OR clause.


The Is A Valid Email Address option will return True if the If column value is a valid email address AND has a MX record for the email domain. It does not check if the alias exists on the mail server.


Condition Scripts

For even finer control over the conditional execution you can use a Condition Script. Click the Use Condition Script option and then click Edit. You can then create a script to control execution of the action. The script must set the variable ThinkAutomationAction to True if you want the Action to execute. If a script is used then both the Condition Builder statement AND the script must return True for the Action to be executed.



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