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Standard Edition: All processes run on the same computer.


Enterprise Edition: Multiple Edge & Message Processor Servers can reside on separate computers.




Users use the ThinkAutomation Administrator to create Accounts & Triggers. These are saved into the MetaData database by the ThinkAutomation Server. The Administrator connects to the ThinkAutomation Server using a secure HTTPS connection. Multiple Administrators can connect to a single ThinkAutomation Server. These can be remote.

The Edge & Message Processors receive the Account & Trigger settings from the ThinkAutomation Server via HTTPS.

The Edge Server receives messages from various sources as defined in the Accounts. It adds each new message to the Edge Queue database.

The Message Processor Server reads messages from the Edge Queue and executes the actions as defined in the Triggers for the first Trigger that matches the Trigger conditions. Once executed it adds the processed message to the Message Store database.

Users can view processed messages using the ThinkAutomation Administrator or the web based Message Store viewer.

In a distributed ThinkAutomation Enterprise Edition installation, the ThinkAutomation Server, Edge Server & Message Processor Servers can reside on separate physical computers. Multiple Edge & Message Processors can be connected to a single ThinkAutomation Server for improved performance, load balancing & fail-over.


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