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Action Snippets

You can save a set of Actions as a 'Snippet'. The Snippet can then be used on any of your other Triggers. Editing the Snippet will change the Actions on all of the Triggers that make use of it.


Whilst Editing Trigger Actions click the Add Snippet button to create a new Snippet.


You must the give the Snippet a name:




Snippet Names must be unique.


A new tab for the Snippet will be created in the Actions pane. You can then create your Actions as normal.


In your main Actions list an Execute action will have been added that points to the new Snippet:



The Snippet will have also been added to the Actions Toolbox:




The Snippet will appear in the Toolbox for all your Triggers. You can simply drag it onto the Actions pane to include it. When the Message Processor Executes the Trigger then Snippet Actions will be execute at the point where the Execute Snippet Action is placed.


Whenever you include a Snippet onto one of your Triggers the Snippet tab will be shown in the Actions Pane. You can edit the Snippet here. Any changes you make will affect all Triggers that include the Snippet.


Any variables defined inside the Snippet are visible to the parent Actions and vise versa.


Snippets themselves cannot contain further Snippets.













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