Ten things you could buy for the price of BPA software

Software tools deliver real value to businesses big and small. But often, small businesses avoid it, concerned they can’t justify the price. Take business process automation, for instance. You know the benefits it could deliver, but the price tag leaves you wavering.

Our own automation software – ThinkAutomation – starts out at as little as £95 per month. At face value, that might sound like a lot. But it’s an amount that’s easy for small businesses to spend without giving it much thought.

In fact, here are ten things small businesses might buy for the same price as BPA software. It turns out, that £95 stacks up pretty well against other common outgoings.

1.    A round of drinks at the office Christmas party

If no one wants top shelf whiskey, that is. For the price of one month’s BPA software, you can get just one round of drinks for a small office team of ~20.

But it’s Christmas, how many people stop at just one?

2.    A client lunch at a nice restaurant

You probably have more than one client lunch in a month, but the price of BPA software can only cover one of them.

3.    A monthly team-building trip to the cinema

If you want to take an after-work team-building trip to the cinema for the price of BPA software, you can only take eight people. (Snacks not included.)

If you want everyone to have snacks and a soft drink as well, you’ll have to ditch three of your colleagues.

4.    A decent office desk chair

You could get BPA software, or you could get a mid-range office desk chair. (Or just over half of a state-of-the-art one — do those come with cup holders?)

Of course, you could possibly manage two desk chairs if you go cheap and scrimp on the lumbar support.

5.    An off-peak return train ticket to London

From Manchester, standard class. You might manage first class from Brighton. And for the price of four months of business process automation, you might even be able to afford a peak time train, if you book in advance.

First class at peak time from Manchester? If you can afford that, the price of BPA software is pocket change.

6.    100 packets of chocolate biscuits

(That’s about 3,000 chocolate biscuits, give or take a few hundred.)

One month of BPA software costs the same as stocking the office shelves with enough biscuits to feed 25 team members one biscuit per day for half of the year. But really, who only eats one biscuit a day?

7.    A printer

That’s bound to survive right up until you can’t find the warranty. It’s just the way of things.

For the price of one month’s BPA software, you can get a decent printer. But you’ll still be spending more if you want the ink cartridges and paper to use it with.

8.    142GB of mobile data

The question is, will you be using that for YouTube, or for emails? For the cost of BPA software, you can spend your time managing your emails on the bus, at home or even out and about.

Or you could opt for automation, and let it handle those pesky emails for you.

9.    Six packs of sticky notes

That’s roughly 36,000 post-it notes to decorate desks and remind teams about key data points. Or BPA software could store it all in a database and call it up whenever you need it.

10.  2,800g (6.17lb) of instant coffee

2,300g (5.07lb) if you want the fancy gold blend. Otherwise known as employee fuel. For the price of BPA software, you could wake your small team up in the morning and keep them ticking over throughout the day for a month.

Automation software

Or, for the price of BPA software, you could set up and get going with business process automation.

For the price of one of these things you could handle all your emails, motivate your team members, say goodbye to the sticky notes, and create more time for biscuit eating.

When it comes to the things that most small businesses will readily spend money on, the cost of BPA software each month doesn’t go as far as you’d think. So, maybe this month is the time to give automation a try?