Automation vs daily workflow microstresses

All too often, our daily workflows are victim to microstresses. Throughout the workday, you’re tripped up by annoying minutiae. They cost you time and cause little pockets of stress to manage.

Over time, these annoyances can build into bigger stress and fatigue.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Business process automation software can tackle the minor details for you. Here’s how automation can save you from your daily workflow microstresses.

What are microstresses?

First things first, what exactly is a ‘microstress’? Microstresses are small acts or events that cause frustration or anxiety.

All sorts of little moments in life qualify as microstresses. Think dropping your keys, getting stuck at a traffic light, spilling a bit of tea on your leg. Things like the supermarket running out of gum or the coffee shop not having your favourite cake. (What do you mean there are no cinnamon buns left?)

They are those little moments that make you tut, sigh or mutter ‘typical’ under your breath.

And even though they’re little, they often add up into bigger problems. For a start, they might seem short at the time, but they consume an average of 27 days of our time a year. (That’s just under 2 hours every day.)

Plus, the cumulative effect of these microstresses can negatively impact wellbeing. They can lead to fatigue, emotional harm, and burnout.

Workflow microstresses

Microstresses aren’t reserved for annoyances in your personal life, either. They translate into your office, too.

For instance, workflow microstresses might surface in your emails. Think of the time that you forgot to send an email. Or each morning, when your inbox takes ages to sort.

Maybe you deal with data in your daily workflow. Microstresses can emerge here too. For example, those times you spot an error in your manual data entry. (Or just any time you must perform manual data entry.) Consider the times you can’t find the data you need, or you can but it’s in the wrong format and you can’t use it.

Or, maybe you’re fed up with battling repetitive program switching. But none of your systems integrate. So, you have fifty million apps open at once.

You get the idea. But with automation at your aide, you could reduce the workflow microstresses plaguing your working life.

Enter automation…

Enter business process automation. Automation software is a tool that lets you automate business processes. Specifically, the repetitive and tedious aspects of your daily workflows. So, the computer does your ‘little and often’ jobs, and you get on with the interesting stuff.

In other words, it handles those repetitive little things. The things that hold you back but become microstresses when they’re left undone.

Here are some examples of how automation removes daily workflow microstresses.

•        Emails

With automation, you can set up automated emails. It could be an email report or an email marketing campaign you’ve got underway, for instance. Automation can handle it as the trigger comes in, so you don’t have to stress about forgetting to send an email again.

Beyond that, automation software can also act as an email parser. As a result, you can say goodbye to the microstress of long-winded email admin. Automation can scan your emails, and you can set rules telling it what to do with them. So, the right emails get forwarded, files get automatically converted, and data is instantly extracted.

•        Data

A big boon of automation software is that you can kiss goodbye to manual data entry. And so, you can also wave off the microstress of manual errors in your data storage.

Plus, automation can do a lot for your database. You can give it rules to automatically transform data, and update and cleanse your databases. So, data is where you need it, when you need it, in the format you need it in.

•        System integration

Automation can integrate with a variety of programs. This allows it to act as an IT bridging tool. So, you can then work between applications and ensure your data isn’t locked into siloes.

Automation vs daily workflow microstresses

Left untreated, microstresses in the office could lead to reduced employee wellbeing. With automation at your disposal, though, you can start to remove the minutiae that make your team tense.

Are you looking to reduce the number of times you tut at your computer screen? See how ThinkAutomation can help you fight off workflow microstresses, with a 30-day free trial.  

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