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Intelligent Automation and the Future: How No-Code and Low-Code Automation Software is Creating New Jobs and Opportunities

In a rapidly advancing technological world, intelligent automation is more than a buzzword; it's a transformative force reshaping the job landscape. Imagine a future where no-code business process automation and low-code automation not only streamline tasks but also foster innovation and create new roles. This is not a speculative fantasy, but a reality manifested through platforms like ThinkAutomation, a leading business process automation service.

Developed by Parker Software, ThinkAutomation embodies the promise of intelligent automation, low-code automation, and no-code automation software, marrying efficiency with human creativity. Let's embark on a journey to explore the jobs that might only exist due to AI and how ThinkAutomation is pioneering this exciting frontier.

the automation of sales processes through ThinkAutomation  Display a sales team working in collaboration with AI  managing leads  sending SMS offers  and generating sales rep

Current Landscape

From chatbots like ChatGPT to predictive algorithms, the AI-driven revolution is here. ThinkAutomation, among leading business process automation companies, offers a plethora of automation capabilities that enhance, not replace, human labour. By integrating low-code automation and no-code automation software, it’s enabling employees to focus on more complex tasks.

Whether it's ThinkAutomation's email-to-database feature that streamlines data extraction or its open-ended studio for building automated workflows without volume limitations, the emphasis is on human innovation. This narrative illustrates how AI, low-code automation, and no-code business process automation can elevate human roles.

Future Jobs Created by AI

As intelligent automation advances, we're entering an era rich with innovative roles. Here's a glimpse at future jobs:

  • AI Ethics Officers: Tasked with developing and enforcing ethical guidelines around AI usage, AI Ethics Officers will play a crucial role in ensuring that AI is developed and deployed responsibly, respecting privacy, bias, and legal regulations.
  • Data Storytellers: Translating complex data into relatable narratives, Data Storytellers will bridge the gap between technical experts and the general public. They'll make data-driven insights accessible and engaging, enhancing decision-making processes across various industries.
  • Virtual Reality Experience Designers: These creative professionals will craft immersive virtual environments for various applications, from entertainment and education to therapy and training. They'll blend artistic vision with technological expertise to provide captivating experiences.
  • Human-AI Collaboration Managers: As AI systems become more prominent, these managers will ensure seamless collaboration between human employees and AI counterparts. They'll optimise workflows and foster a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology, enhancing productivity.
  • No-Code Automation Architects: Specialising in designing and implementing no-code solutions, these architects will enable businesses to automate processes without extensive coding knowledge. They'll make automation more accessible and adaptable across various sectors.
  • Low-Code Automation Engineers: With expertise in developing systems using low-code platforms, these engineers will offer flexibility and efficiency in automation. They'll enable businesses to rapidly adapt and innovate, keeping pace with the ever-changing technological landscape.
  • Personalised Health Coaches (AI-Assisted): Utilising AI to analyse individual health data, these coaches will provide personalised health and wellness plans. They'll work in conjunction with AI systems to offer tailored advice, monitoring, and support for patients.
  • Sustainable Resource Managers: Leveraging AI to manage natural resources more sustainably, these professionals will ensure that businesses operate within environmental guidelines. They'll utilize intelligent algorithms to predict trends and optimise resource allocation.
  • Emotional Intelligence Trainers: As AI takes over more analytical roles, the human touch will be paramount. These trainers will help professionals enhance their emotional intelligence skills, fostering empathy, collaboration, and leadership in an AI-driven world.
  • AI-Assisted Creativity Facilitators: Blending AI with human creativity, these facilitators will enable artists, writers, and designers to explore new creative horizons. Using AI tools, they'll provide insights, inspiration, and assistance in various creative endeavours.

ThinkAutomation's capabilities, with its focus on no-code business process automation and low-code automation, are a testament to how these future roles could shape the business world.

the seamless integration of healthcare and technology  Show a medical professional using an AI powered system  like ThinkAutomation  to schedule patient appointments
various futuristic job roles in harmony with AI technology Include roles like AI Ethics Officers Data Storytellers and Virtual Reality Experience Designers

Positive Impact on Society

Intelligent automation is not just transforming the job market; it's enhancing our quality of life and enabling a more compassionate society.

Healthcare Automation

No-code and low-code automation software, such as ThinkAutomation's healthcare automation features, offer glimpses into future patient care. By intelligently parsing patient emails, automating appointment reminders, and bridging IT systems, ThinkAutomation represents the best in business process automation service, providing timely and personalised care.

Education and Training

In the educational landscape, no-code business process automation could provide tailored learning paths. ThinkAutomation’s data transformation capabilities may pave the way for adaptable and dynamic learning experiences, a trend that could be embraced by forward-thinking business process automation companies.


Low-code automation and intelligent monitoring can contribute to a greener future. ThinkAutomation's database monitoring and conditional processing could be adapted for environmental stewardship, signifying how intelligent automation transcends industry boundaries.

The rise of AI, coupled with the trend towards no-code and low-code automation software, paints an exciting and optimistic picture of the future. Through platforms like ThinkAutomation, we see the potential of intelligent automation to not only create new roles but to enhance human ability and foster creativity.

From no-code automation architects to human-AI collaboration managers, the jobs of the future symbolize a synergy between humans and technology. ThinkAutomation stands as a beacon of this future, exemplifying the progress and innovation of leading business process automation companies.

As we look forward to an era of unprecedented possibilities, it's clear that the intelligent automation wave, led by pioneers in business process automation service like ThinkAutomation, is an invitation to adapt, innovate, and embrace the new world of work.

Written by: Angelus Ellis

Date: August 08, 2023

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