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Automation Action: Tessitura - Add Note

Custom Action Available From Library

Adds a note to a Tessitura constituent.

The action Creates/Fetches Constituent > Creates/Fetches Plan > Creates Plan Step (with note).

Access to the following resources is required:

  • ReferenceData/ConstituentTypes
  • ReferenceData/StepTypes
  • ReferenceData/ContributionDesignations
  • ReferenceData/ElectronicAddressTypes
  • ReferenceData/AddressTypes
  • ReferenceData/PlanSources
  • ReferenceData/PlanStatuses
  • ReferenceData/PlanTypes
  • ReferenceData/PlanPriorities
  • ReferenceData/OriginalSources
  • Finance/Campaigns
  • Finance/Plans
  • Finance/Steps