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Automation Action: Shopify - Order

Custom Action Available From Library

Performs a range of operations against a Shopify order. These actions include:

  • Get Order
  • Create Order
  • Delete Order
  • Close Order
  • Open Order
  • Cancel Order
  • Add Note To Order

When performing operations, there is the ability to do it against the first, last or all records. If an operation is performed against all records, an integer representing the total records modified will be returned. A JSON array will be returned when performing a "Get" operation for all records.


In order to use this custom action, a solution constant must be created called "ShopifySiteDomain" with the value being set to the domain name of the site e.g. "thinkautomationca.myshopify.com". Failure to set this solution constant will cause an issue when authenticating with Shopify. The constant value should NOT begin with "http" or "https".

Additional Information

Depending upon your Shopify Plan, the amount of request your can send per second may increase or decrease. The Standard limit is 2 requests per second whereas the Shopify Plus limit is 4 per second. For development stores this limit can vary and therefore it's recommended to keep the requests per second as low as possible whilst using a development store.

Within the action a product search has been provided. This will allow for easy identification of variant IDs which are provided within the square brackets of the Products field.