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Automation Action: SharePoint - Upload Files

Custom Action Available From Library

Uploads a file to a SharePoint document library. To upload into a specific folder, populate the "Directory to upload to" field with the relevant directory e.g. "myfolder/mysubfolder".

If a file already exists with the same name, the existing file will be overwritten with the new one.

The "Site" field should be provided in the following format: mysite.sharepoint.com

Sub-sites can be selected, and the available document libraries will be shown. Select "Default Site" if a sub-site is not required.

The "Upload attachments" checkbox allows attachments from the message source to be uploaded to the selected location within SharePoint. If there are multiple attachments, they will all get uploaded to the same location.

The "Rename file to" field allows the file name to be changed when it is uploaded to SharePoint. When renaming, the file extension does not need to be included as the previous extension will be added to the new name automatically.