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Automation Action: Pipedrive

Custom Action Available From Library

Within the Pipedrive action you're able to perform the following actions on objects within the platform.

  • Get
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

The objects that are currently supported are as follows:

  • Deals
  • Notes
  • Leads
  • Products
  • Activities
  • Persons
  • Organizations

Schema Downloads

Schemas are required to be downloaded in order for the action to work successfully. Downloading a schema will allow for properties to be pulled directly from Pipedrive, allowing for much easier creation and update process. The schema will include any custom fields you have within your Pipedrive account.

The action handles schema downloads when configuring the actions settings. In order to download a schema, provide the relevant connection information, select the relevant object type and change the "Schema Options" field to "Download Schema". The action will they make a request to your Pipedrive account and store the schema in a local directory. Changing the "Schema Options" field to "Update Schema" will make a request and update the schema file.

Failure to download a schema will result in reduced functionality and possible incorrect mapping.

Connection Information

There are 2 required fields when connecting to your Pipedrive account. These are as follows:

  • Domain: e.g. https://mydomain.pipedrive.com
  • API Token: your Pipedrive API Token. This can be found within Pipedrive at the following location: Personal Preferences > API

Making a request


If a successful request is made the Object ID will be returned from the action. This value can then be used in subsequent requests. For "Get" requests, the raw JSON value returned from Pipedrive will be returned, with any custom extractions taking place.

If an error occurs the response will be blank and any errors added to the log.