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Automation Action: Get/Update Contact

Get or update a contact for an Office 365 account.

Built-In Action

Get or add/update a Contact record for an Office 365 Account.

Click the Sign In button to sign-in to Office 365.

Enter the Email Address for the Contact record. Select the Update option if you want to add/update a contact record, otherwise the contact will be retrieved using the email address specified.

In the Map To Extracted Fields grid map your ThinkAutomation variables to the Exchange Contact fields. Against each Exchange contact field select the relevant ThinkAutomation Variable.

If updating then ThinkAutomation will first lookup an existing contact using the Email Address. If an existing contact is found then the contact is updated, otherwise a new contact record is created. If not updating then ThinkAutomation will lookup the contact using the email address and then if found, assign the contact fields to the mapped ThinkAutomation variables.