Automate more workflows than ever before possible. Process data faster than ever before possible. And customise your solution like never before possible. Meet the new face of ThinkAutomation.

A powerful automation studio

Find solutions and share ideas


Write, build, and test actions inside ThinkAutomation


Showcase what you’ve built in our community library


Draw from the community to find new automations

Speed and resilience at the core

A fresh codebase

The new ThinkAutomation is stripped of all legacy components and rebuilt leveraging the .NET framework.

Rapid processing

ThinkAutomation’s core processing is now 10x faster, with data from multiple sources processed concurrently.

JSON parser

Advanced JSON parsing powered by a friendly UI and accompanied with a JSON editor to assist building automations.

WebSocket connections

Persistent, low-latency, and bidirectional communications between core ThinkAutomation services.

Easy, continuous data flows between APIs

A local HTTP API

Smoothly push data into ThinkAutomation for processing via direct HTTP post.

A public web API

Send data to ThinkAutomation from custom / third-party systems via a secure public endpoint.

New feature game-changers

A powerful web form builder

Build publicly accessible web forms and surveys. Customise forms in any way desired, and automate any desired sequence of actions after a submission.

Your forms can query local databases and return instant information. They can update your on-premises systems. They can push data to third-party cloud services.

All included out of the box as just one of ThinkAutomation’s features.

MongoDB message stores

Use MongoDB for your ThinkAutomation message store, for high performance and unlimited storage.

Automation chaining

Handle endless conditionals, with automations "calling" other automations with any value and receiving the result in seconds.

Real-time file pickup

Powerful .NET monitoring of your selected folders, with any file changes processed immediately.

Markdown support

Send slicker, stylised, and more legible auto-responses / outgoing messages using markdown.

Action scope

Scale workflows via a wealth of new actions including document creation, data masking, text summarising, and more.

Built-in editors

Built-in editors for plaintext, markdown, HTML, JSON, SQL, C# and VB – complete with syntax colouring.

Plus all this added value

  • Data extractions now run as a core action type, without separate configuration
  • Support for MySQL message stores, offering another memory-rich database alternative
  • Sharper, smarter database update/lookup actions using ADO.NET and parameters
  • Send test messages and receive real-time responses in a new, conversational style chat layout
  • View processing activity in real-time from inside the ThinkAutomation studio
  • Remote access to a convenient web-based dashboard and web message store viewer
  • Create solutions in a non-production environment via a free developer edition
  • Continuous access to the ThinkAutomation studio regardless of server load

A total reset in automation capacity

The new ThinkAutomation platform is the product of more than 15 years of perfecting our art. It offers the most powerful automation scope we’ve ever delivered, and makes it possible for you to automate any imaginable process, across any number of software systems.

Customer FAQ

    No. Since this is a completely reengineered product, your automations need to be reconfigured in the new ThinkAutomation studio. However, you’ll find that those automations include more options and more possibilities than in the previous ThinkAutomation edition.

    It’s also important to note that there’s no need to remove your existing ThinkAutomation configuration – you can run the two versions side by side while you switchover.

    There’s a slight learning curve, but the product still operates via the same conditional processing rules you already use. The key difference is in how much more you can automate, and in how many more new ways.

    A fully managed migration service is available on request. Here, we’d rebuild your setup in the new platform on your behalf – as well as offering optimisation advice. For standard queries and general first-line assistance, our technical support team is also at hand to help.

    Not if you have an active support and updates plan in place. If your support agreement has expired, you’ll need to renew it in order to download the upgrade. You can check the support status of your ThinkAutomation account here:

    Yes, for a minimum of 4 years. This includes patches, bug fixes, and security updates only. And, since the new edition offers core service and performance improvements, we’d advise making the most of it as soon as you can.

    The new ThinkAutomation platform will not provide a built-in mail server. Instead, outgoing emails are sent via a SmartHost. Integration with SendGrid (our recommended option) is included. A new SendGrid message source type will allow emails sent via SendGrid to be sent to ThinkAutomation for processing.

    You might notice a few terminology changes when navigating the new platform. For example, ThinkAutomation now uses the term "Message Source" instead of "Account" when referring to configuring message source types. It uses "Automations" instead of "Triggers" and "Solutions" instead of "Organizations". Configuration is done using the "ThinkAutomation Studio" instead of the "ThinkAutomation Administrator".

    Want to see how the new upgrade compares to the previous edition?

    View a side-by-side comparison