What is ThinkAutomation?

ThinkAutomation is an open-ended automation platform. It provides a workshop to design the automation solution that works for you, building custom workflows that automate your processes.

This works using rule-based logic. You create a series of ‘if’ rules, and ThinkAutomation runs them uninterrupted and in the background.

What can it do?

ThinkAutomation monitors and acts on business events. At its simplest level, it gets stuff, processes stuff, and sends stuff.

This means there are thousands of workflows that you can create. ThinkAutomation will parse any number of inbound messages, from any number of sources, process to any number of destinations, and perform any number of automated follow-up actions.

How does it work?

ThinkAutomation is comprised of nodes dedicated to retrieving, parsing, and responding to data. Its basic infrastructure looks like this:

ThinkAutomation server

The brain. This is where you configure ThinkAutomation.

Edge server

The fetcher. This farms out your data.

Message server

The processer. This runs all your actions.

Mail server

The sender. This receives and sends messages.

Message store

The database. This holds a copy of your messages.


The settings. This holds all your configuration.

How do I work it?

To build your workflows, you use logical task building. These are the ‘if this, then that’ type rules that determine how ThinkAutomation responds to your inbound data.

First, you create your conditions. Then, you define your ‘if’ actions. You can automate simple actions, or you can create detailed workflows with multiple ‘if’ and ‘else’ blocks.

If properties

Allow you to fine-tune your ‘if’ blocks.

Logical operations

Allow you to conditionally execute your desired actions.

You simply drag and drop your triggers and actions – no code required.

How do I host it?

ThinkAutomation is an on-premises solution that you can run on a company server or a workstation. You install the ThinkAutomation client to a computer on your network to configure your workflows. The client then connects to the ThinkAutomation server using a secure HTTPS connection.

This means that from a single network-connected workstation, you can automate workflows across your entire operation. Or, if needed, you can download multiple clients and servers to meet even the heaviest processing needs.