Open-ended automation scale


Connect to any API, any database, any server – any system you need


Automate any on-premises or cloud-based business process end-to-end


Build out custom automations via an accessible drag-and-drop GUI

Core capabilities

  • Email parsing
  • Database automation
  • Document processing
  • Workflow management
  • Form building
  • Web scraping
  • High-volume processing
  • Data integration
  • IT bridging
  • Auto-responses
  • IoT monitoring
  • Telephony automation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Extract, transform, load

Plus countless more orchestrations

ThinkAutomation will integrate anywhere. It can respond to any number of triggers, and execute any number of actions, in any complexity of sequence. So, you can build a custom automation solution at the scale you need. All from one studio, using one licence for everything.

A fast, resilient automation environment

  • Concurrent message processing
  • Concurrent automation executions
  • Low-latency WebSocket connections
  • 100% .NET managed code
  • Continuous studio access
  • Continuous automation

How it works

Infinite extensibility, one fixed fee