ThinkAutomation keeps your data inside your business. Our installable deployment means that you’re not storing data on anyone else’s server, or dependant on anyone else’s security protocols.


We understand that for many organisations, the last thing you want is your data sat in an external cloud server. So, ThinkAutomation gives you independence from third party storage services.

You can install and operate the software straight from your own self-contained server, behind your own firewalls, and with data held and processed within your own databases and systems.


Installable doesn’t mean inflexible. ThinkAutomation is a workshop that lets you build the custom workflows that work for you.

This means that you can build security into your automated steps, defining your own data handling processes and security measures.


By installing, you can take ThinkAutomation and run. But our team is still available to offer help, so that you get self-sufficiency backed by ongoing support.

Access to our support technicians is woven into your support and updates package. Plus, our expert professional services team can also offer a managed service to help with security best practices.

Fast facts


We can offer failover and redundancy to ensure 24/7/365 automation

High availability

ThinkAutomation is durable and operates continuously

DMZ functionality

For heightened security, you can run ThinkAutomation behind a DMZ

Encryption and decryption

ThinkAutomation can encrypt or decrypt text and files

Inbuilt backups

Copies of your messages are backed up inside the ThinkAutomation message store

Error alerts

If ThinkAutomation is unable to run an action, you get immediate alerts and error reports

HTTPS connections

ThinkAutomation connects to the server via a secure HTTPS connection

Automation sandbox

We offer a developer edition for customers, so you can test before deploying

Mail server security

The ThinkAutomation mail server has anti-spam and security check features

Processing accuracy

ThinkAutomation doesn’t have bad days, break rules, or make mistakes

Good to know

  • Parker Software has won awards for software security
  • We have a dedicated security department in-house
  • ThinkAutomation has been tried and tested by global brands for over a decade
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