No-code isn’t for everyone

ThinkAutomation Pro offers our powerful automation studio, with extra range for developers.

You get the same unlimited processing, the same unlimited automations, and the same extensibility. All with access to the same vast library of actions and integrations.

But with ThinkAutomation Pro, you get even more scope to customise your build beyond what’s baked-in to the core product.

Our studio, plus your code

The studio

A single hub to automate your entire tech stack. Orchestrated via a drag-and-drop GUI.


A fully-featured code editor to design your own custom actions and execute scripts.

An integrated development environment on top of a powerful automation platform

Design bespoke actions for your company automations using an inbuilt UI builder

Create C# or VB.NET scripts that will execute when your custom action(s) run

Reference external .NET assemblies to keep your code moving

Use Visual Studio code directly inside ThinkAutomation

Build on community builds


Get creative with your build


Submit your custom work for verification


Share verified work to the online library


Find other community actions to boost your project

Designed for open-ended orchestration

  • Automate any process, in any way
  • Design any number of workflows
  • Integrate into any system you need
  • Process as much data as you like
  • Customise and scale your solution end-to-end

Infinite extensibility, one fixed fee