ThinkAutomation can automatically translate text from one language to another. Then, it uses conditional processing to run actions against your translated messages.

1. ThinkAutomation monitors and retrieves messages

Text can come from many sources like email, attachments, web forms, or files on your machine

2. Detects language

As part of the parsing process, ThinkAutomation analyses the message to identify its language

3. Runs the translation workflow

ThinkAutomation will then translate text to your desired language and process it based on your rules

Translate inbound email to English
Add translated email to CRM record
Translate the contents of an email attachment
Attach translated attachment to new outbound email
Route customer emails based on detected language
Speak translated text in a triggered call
Parse and translate a PDF
Push translated PDF to cloud storage folder
Reject/accept web form requests based on language used
Translate form entries before adding to database
Auto-translate customer CRM notes
Send triggered auto-response based on detected language
Save translated invoices to database
Use detected language to auto reject/accept job applications
Route support tickets according to language
Translate tweets containing your @ handle
Push translated tweets to intranet feed or folder
Train sentiment analyser in different languages
Translate database records based on location
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

Message translation can simply see your inbound messages translated before upload to a database or CRM. Or, you can create more detailed workflows involving multiple conditional actions.

This works based on your ‘if’ rules. You use logical statements – if, then, else – to define how you want ThinkAutomation to handle translation. From there, it auto-runs the right triggered workflow.

If a support ticket is written in French

Route it to a designated French-speaking employee

Translate message to your main database language and upload

If a job application is submitted online in Finnish

Disqualify the application on lingual grounds

Send a Finnish auto-response to the applicant via email

If an inbound customer email contains Hindi

Auto-translate the email to English

Append the translated text to the email and add to CRM record

Ready to automate message translation?

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