ThinkAutomation works across your IT suite to help monitor, maintain, and update. Not only do our software bots check the health of your systems, they also keep them fed with fresh data.

1. System monitoring

ThinkAutomation tracks your business for new events such as inbound messages and data changes

2. Check against ‘if’ branches

Every new event is conditionally processed using rule-based logic

3. Run actions

When triggered, pre-set actions then execute across your servers, databases, and other systems

Defragment an index
Shrink, rotate and maintain log files
Ping a web service
Integrity checking and monitoring
Push data from one program to another
Monitor server status
Rebuild an index
Run scheduled clean-up tasks
Parse messages to database/CRM
Backup database and transaction log
Auto-compact files/data
Trigger outage alert
Force actions in programs
Update index statistics
Perform internal consistency checks
Auto-send downtime emails
Reorganise index pages
Notify users to correct an issue
Run custom scripts
Stop and restart a server
Push a warning when server load is high
Check, normalise and verify data
Pull data at pre-defined intervals
Run performance/operation reports
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

You can create thousands of different process combinations with ThinkAutomation, running actions that integrate across your suite of tech solutions.

You’re free to design and implement any number of automated system maintenance sequences – simple or multi-tiered. To do so, you simply use ‘if this, then that’ type rules. For example:

If a security breach is detected

The time is outside set office hours

Trigger a call to the on-call phone

If database activity is light

No other maintenance tasks are scheduled

Execute a long-running script

If server load is nearing capacity

IM status is active

Push an IM to a technician

Ready to save time on routine IT processes?

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