Built to be built on

Where headless architecture meets open-ended workflow orchestration

With ThinkAutomation, you can link your full stack from one place and build any number of conditionals - from simple data automations to complex workflows

Create custom connections, applications and experiences - fast

Orchestrate connections and conditions via a low code process builder with a drag and drop interface

Hook into any front-end technology via an inbuilt API gateway

Integrate with or build bespoke back-end controllers

Send and retrieve data across cloud and local endpoints in split seconds

Support complex or specialised integration scenarios and automations with a custom script builder

A self-hosted headless solution for full customisation and control

Automate with agility and adaptability

  • Design tailored experiences for different devices and platforms
  • Maintain the efficiency of shared infrastructure
  • Scale your API ecosystem as it grows
  • Intelligent bi-directional data processing with no usage caps
  • Super-fast infrastructure for low-latency and high performance
  • No vendor lock-in, and no limitations on how/where you integrate and automate

Headless architecture by developers, for developers

"As a long-ago software engineer and systems architect, ThinkAutomation provides a very easy to implement, expansive REST and JSON focused world of automation - enabling any to any systems integrations which are key to any multi-channel e-commerce business."

"All I can say is that ThinkAutomation is the best software product I have used in 30 years as an IT pro. ThinkAutomation is brilliantly well designed and innately reliable product, backed up by a team who know their product, are massively enthusiastic about it, and who are always willing to help."

"ThinkAutomation allows our staff that do not have in-depth programming experience to build very complex workflows on inbound data. The ability to stack actions on actions, and the incredible range of actions, allow us to perform extremely challenging processes that would typically require a tremendous amount of programming time"

A single licence for everything