Zoho automation

Automate your repetitive Zoho CRM admin. Designed for seamless data flows, ThinkAutomation for Zoho will save you countless keystrokes. The product will push-pull data to and from Zoho CRM to link any needed systems across your tech stack.

And, on top of this seamless data integration service, ThinkAutomation can run any number of automations against the data inside Zoho CRM – from sentiment analysis to translation.

Zoho automation – overview

  • ThinkAutomation can read and update entities in Zoho CRM
  • To configure, connect ThinkAutomation into Zoho CRM using our automation studio
  • You can then design any desired workflow – orchestrating your connections, conditions, and automations via a drag-and-drop interface
  • ThinkAutomation offers infinite extensibility to handle as many processes, data volumes, and system connections as you need
  • It will monitor connected systems 24/7, check for new data every 60 seconds, and run automations in split seconds

Zoho automation – use cases

  • Parse inbound messages from emails and web forms to create new Zoho CRM records automatically, using the relevant extracted information
  • Push parsed data from messages into existing CRM records, to update customer accounts with the latest interactions automatically
  • Import data from Zoho CRM modules into tables in your databases or spreadsheets
  • Perform automated Zoho CRM data extraction, running advanced data pulls to segment/manipulate data and run targeted campaigns
  • Monitor Zoho CRM records for emotive phrases and run sentiment reports, with custom workflows to act on opportunities/risks
  • Add counters or ‘tokens’ for data input you’d like to track inside Zoho CRM, such as keywords or field values, to monitor then run subsequent automations or reports
  • Upload files to Zoho CRM – including email attachments and documents from monitored local folders
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case