Visual Studio code paste without formatting

Use your code in our automation studio, for extra developer customisation scope. ThinkAutomation allows you to use Visual Studio code inside our IDE via a direct copy and paste. So, you can design your own custom actions and execute scripts to automate any process desired.

Visual Studio code paste without formatting – overview

  • As well as the core automation studio, ThinkAutomation offers a built-in IDE
  • With the IDE, you can design custom actions and integrations for your company automations
  • You can use Microsoft Visual Studio to develop and debug your custom action code
  • When development is complete, you can then smoothly copy/paste the code into ThinkAutomation’s code editor
  • Build as much as you like, as often as you like, however you like

Visual Studio code paste without formatting – use cases

  • Customise and scale your automation solution end-to-end
  • Power any API integration into any system, including legacy and bespoke programs
  • Design hyper-specific automations across your tech stack to fire processes in any app