Update a database

Automatically push data from connected sources – mailboxes, web forms, local system folders, cloud services – into your database. ThinkAutomation enables you to build simple or complex automations to read, process, and execute actions against data in multiple systems. And part of this means fast, high-volume data flows to your database.

Update a database – overview

  • ThinkAutomation can parse new inbound messages from multiple sources – POP3, IMAP and Exchange servers, Twitter feeds, web pages, RSS feeds, external databases, etc.
  • It will monitor connected systems 24/7, pull and process new data every minute, and run conditional automations in split seconds
  • You can configure any number of connections, conditions, and automations via our drag and drop automation studio
  • An “update database” workflow could be a simple data push from A to B, or part of a larger automation sequence involving multiple systems and actions
  • You also get coverage for any scale and any message / processing volume under a single licence

Update a database – use cases

  • Parse inbound emails from a mailbox, extract key data, and upload to database records or tables
  • Reformat invalid database invalid entries – e.g. automatically check telephone numbers against location and push changes to entries without the correct country code
  • Convert data from .csv files into tables in an SQL Server database
  • Create new database records based on data extracted from submitted, auto-validated web forms
  • Upload documents to a database – either email attachments or new files found in connected folders
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case