Translate attachment

Parse, translate, and process your email attachments as part of a smooth automated process. ThinkAutomation can retrieve attachments from monitored mailboxes and translate them in over 40 languages. Then, it can run conditional automations against the attachment as part of your desired workflow.

Translate attachment – overview

  • Connect ThinkAutomation to any number of mailboxes, and it will monitor them 24/7 with no volume limitations
  • Use the drag-and-drop studio to design your attachment translation process automation (or series of automations)
  • You can specify a “From” language as part of your workflow – for example, if putting ThinkAutomation behind a German mailbox
  • ThinkAutomation can also automatically detect language across the 40 most popular world languages
  • ThinkAutomation will check for new inbound emails every minute, translate text (available across both the email and its attachment), and return the results to a variable in split seconds

Translate attachment – use cases

  • Parse and translate a PDF
  • Push translated attachments to a cloud storage folder
  • Update customer CRM records with translated emails and attachments
  • Use fields extracted from translated attachments to update a database
  • Save translated invoices to a local system folder
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case