Text summariser

Automatically identify the main concepts in text and run conditional automations based on the results. First, ThinkAutomation can process large datasets automatically. Then, beyond processing, it can also run any number of rule-based workflows against the keywords and phrases extracted. So, you save hours on manual processing and administration.

Text summariser – overview

  • Key phrase extraction is a ThinkAutomation action powered via the Microsoft Azure Analytics API
  • To access, you need an Azure account and a Cognitive Services endpoint
  • ThinkAutomation will parse inbound messages from any connected source – mailboxes, web forms, local folders, documents, etc – checking for new data every 60 seconds
  • As it processes, it can convert messages to JSON and feed to Text Analytics in Cognitive Services
  • Response output, which consists of key words and phrases for each document ID, can stream to any app that accepts JSON, including Microsoft Office Excel and Power BI
  • ThinkAutomation can also run any number of conditional automations off the back of results as part of a larger workflow

Text summariser – use cases

  • Crawl big data to generate a customer sentiment report
  • Score emails based on sales potential and automate subsequent alerts
  • Route customer support emails based on complaint severity
  • Push highly positive customer feedback to a web feed
  • Bridge triggered calls for critical issues
  • Compile a “heat map” of common customer feedback points
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case