Summarise text

Summarise text as part of your automated business workflows. ThinkAutomation will monitor any connected system (such as a mailbox, a database, a web form, etc), and parse new messages every 60 seconds. Just one of the automations it can run during the parsing process is key phrase extraction / summarisation.

Summarise text – overview

  • This action uses the Microsoft Azure text analytics API to extract key phrases from text
  • To access it, use the ThinkAutomation custom action library
  • You’ll also need an Azure account and a cognitive services text analytics endpoint
  • With this action, ThinkAutomation will parse new inbound messages from connected sources and pass to Azure
  • Then, it can run any number of rule-based actions against the results, based on your workflow configuration

Summarise text – use cases

  • Summarise the main point of a survey submission before uploading to the user’s CRM record
  • Extract key points from feedback emails and push the data to a third-party analytics tool
  • Normalise and summarise responses entered into free text fields before uploading to a database
  • Summarise the point of a help ticket and use for automatic routing / categorisation
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case