String operation

ThinkAutomation can perform multiple string operations to act on your data during the parsing process. So, it will run operations on extracted data before passing it to a variable. And, once assigned to a variable, ThinkAutomation can also run any number of subsequent automations against your data.

String operation – overview

  • Baked-in string operations inside ThinkAutomation include:
  • Normalise line endings (CR+LF, or LF only)
  • Normalise words (e.g., normalise common contractions and abbreviations)
  • Prepend
  • Remove invalid filename characters
  • Sort lines ascending / descending

String operation – use cases

  • Make line endings consistent before automatically pushing a file into a specific folder /system
  • Pre-process text before pushing into a third-party BI / NLP / ML system for analysis
  • Perform a string operation on an inbound attachment to amend the filename before auto-uploading to a database
  • Automatically prepend a string variable with another string literal
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case