SQL to Excel

Connect SQL Server databases to Excel, retrieve and load live SQL Server data to Excel, and then modify the data and save changes back to SQL Server. With ThinkAutomation, this all happens as part of a rapid, automated process. Plus, you can add any number of subsequent conditional automations, across any needed system in your stack.

SQL to Excel – overview

  • ThinkAutomation monitors connected databases 24/7, checking for updates every 60 seconds and running the subsequent automation(s) in split seconds
  • With a “SQL to Excel” workflow, ThinkAutomation will create or update Excel spreadsheets with data parsed from DB tables and columns
  • By default, ThinkAutomation adds a row to the Excel spreadsheet, with a column for each extracted field like so:
  • It can also update individual cells using cell IDs (e.g. A1, B23) specified in your workflow

SQL to Excel – use cases

  • Push new sign-ups or sales registered in a central database to Excel
  • Automate data movement from specific database tables into spreadsheets
  • Automatically send the Excel file to a specified email address on a periodic basis (every new record, daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Clear the Excel file ready for the next batch after sending
  • Upload the Excel file to Dropbox, Azure, SharePoint, or any other system you use
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case