Speak text

Smoothly convert text to speech as part of your automated workflows. ThinkAutomation will parse messages and convert them to spoken WAV files. Even better, it can do so in multiple languages, voices, and with personalised information.

Speak text – overview

  • This baked-in ThinkAutomation action uses the Windows speech synthesizer to convert text to a WAV file containing a spoken version of the text
  • When you orchestrate your workflows, you can use %field% replacements in the “text to speak” option to pull in personalised data from connected sources
  • Text can be spoken in a variety of voices, populated by the speech language packs installed on your system
  • ThinkAutomation can also translate text and return a URL of a WAV or MP3 file, which will contain spoken text in the desired language
  • You can then (optionally) assign your converted audio files to variables, for any number of subsequent automations

Speak text – use cases

  • Bridge a triggered call to on-call staff after a critical support ticket, with the ticket text read aloud as part of the telephone message
  • Make an automated appointment reminder call, with personalised details confirming name, time, and date pulled from your database
  • Speak translated text in a triggered international call
  • Automate triggered telephony scripts following web form entries or ‘click to call’ submissions
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case