Sentiment score

Analyse, score, and classify messages. ThinkAutomation comes with an inbuilt sentiment analyser, so you can automatically grade messages based on constructs such as positive/negative. Then, you can automate subsequent actions based on the results.

Sentiment score – overview

  • This baked-in ThinkAutomation action retrieves messages from any connected source and performs sentiment analysis on the extracted text
  • The score will be returned as a number between 1 (maximum negative) and 100 (maximum positive)
  • You can use the analyser to classify a message for any construct – for example, sorting sales enquiries from support enquiries
  • ThinkAutomation includes built-in training data for common English positive and negative words, but you can also use custom training data to tune the analyser to your needs
  • ThinkAutomation will return the sentiment score to a variable, to (optionally) fire conditional actions against the results as part of your workflows

Sentiment score – use cases

  • Prioritise and escalate emails based on sentiment
  • Send an SMS alert if an incoming email contains a high negative sentiment score
  • Score emails for sales-readiness and email prospects to sales
  • Segment customers based on satisfaction
  • Automatically push positive feedback to a Teams channel
  • Shortlist CVs based on keywords
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case