SendGrid mail server

Send outgoing emails as part of your automated process flows. ThinkAutomation offers a built-in SendGrid integration for smooth, fast, and reliable email auto-sends — based on any number of custom workflow triggers.


SendGrid mail server – overview

  • With ThinkAutomation, you can send automated outgoing emails via SendGrid or a smart host (SMTP) of your choice
  • As part of an outgoing email send flow, ThinkAutomation monitors your systems for inbound messages, new data input and status changes
  • It then checks each new inbound message against conditional processing rules and will run the desired automation (or series of automations)
  • This includes sending the relevant email auto-response using your mail server of choice
  • Using a smart host offers improved system performance, email deliverability, and overall security

SendGrid mail server – use cases

You can use ThinkAutomation’s native SendGrid mail server option to send outgoing emails for any process, such as:

• Support ticket acknowledgement email

• Feedback email sent after issue resolution

• Security email sent following suspicious activity

• Absence confirmation email sent to employee

• Calendar appointment sent after demo request

• Form submission kickback email

• Password reset email

• Follow-up email sent after support case closed

• Two-factor authentication processing

• Case study request sent after positive feedback

• Timesheet attachment sent after remote work request

• Milestone emails based on customer data

• And countless more, depending on the desired workflow