RPA community

Create, share, and discover custom automations for your company workflows. ThinkAutomation gives you access to an RPA community constantly enriched with new, user-generated actions and integrations. So, you can tap into a growing marketplace to boost your automation projects.

RPA community – overview

  • ThinkAutomation comes complete with a user community for 24-hour support, knowledge, and advice
  • Our professional edition also includes the ability to create your own custom actions
  • This includes a UI builder for configuring the action settings, plus a C# or VB.NET editor for editing the execution code
  • You can then share this custom work to an online library, which other users can find and build on as part of their automations
  • So, our users can explore the community as an advice-seeker or advocate, become an active contributor, or even get certified as a ThinkAutomation digital transformation consultant

RPA community – use cases

  • Design your own custom actions and execute scripts via a fully-featured code editor
  • Build and share bespoke integrations for third party applications
  • Extend and download approved integrations from the ThinkAutomation community marketplace
  • Use the online custom actions library to build on community builds
  • Customise and scale your automations end-to-end