Public web API

Build custom integrations across your technology stack. ThinkAutomation has both a:

  • Local HTTP API – For fast, embedded data processing in a client environment 
  • Public web API – A secure public endpoint for continuous data flows with cloud services 

So, you can create low-latency, cost-effective integrations with services and HTTP endpoints, while supporting hybrid integration scenarios.

Public web API – overview

  • Each instance of ThinkAutomation includes free access to the web API
  • Via this secure web endpoint, post messages to ThinkAutomation from your own or third-party webhooks
  • The web API doesn’t hold any of your settings or keep copies of messages - instead acting as a gateway between a unique public URL and your ThinkAutomation instance
  • As standard, the web API will process 1000 messages per day at a rate limit of 1 message per second (with options to increase as needed)
  • Reserved web API instances are also available on request

Public web API – use cases

You can use the ThinkAutomation web API for:

  • Web form message sources - creating publicly accessible web forms that connect to your automations
  • Teams message sources - receiving messages from Microsoft Teams users
  • Custom web forms - for posting your own web forms directly to ThinkAutomation for processing
  • Twilio actions - for making calls or sending/receiving SMS messages via Twilio
  • Wait for user response action - for requesting additional information from a user during an automation
  • Web for webhook action - for integrating with third party web APIs that offer webhook callbacks
  • Other web-based integrations – for posting messages to your ThinkAutomation instance via HTTP POSTS or GETS for your own or third-party integrations