Process files

Process company files and attachments without any manual admin. ThinkAutomation retrieves documents, parses them, then performs conditional automation(s) against them as part of your workflows. All without any processing or volume limitations.

Process files and attachments - overview

  • Connect ThinkAutomation into the systems you wish to include in your file workflows
  • ThinkAutomation will monitor those systems, and retrieve new/updated document(s)
  • Documents can be attachments to incoming messages or files on your computer
  • ThinkAutomation runs the document data/extracted fields against your conditions
  • It will then fire the relevant action against the document for automatic processing

Process files and attachments – use cases

  • Save incoming attachments to specific folders on your file system
  • Convert an attachment to a PDF before uploading to the cloud
  • Parse content from documents and PDFs into DB fields
  • Create mail merges with extracted fields
  • Export data from spreadsheets into DB tables
  • Create and print shipping labels with extracted data
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case