Parse email attachment

Get automatic parsing and processing of your email attachments. ThinkAutomation uses rule-based logic to handle your attachments, extract needed fields, and push data to the needed destination. And you can configure your automations precisely your way, using an easy drag-and-drop studio.

Parse email attachment overview

  • ThinkAutomation retrieves new documents from connected sources, mailboxes, and folders
  • These can be attachments to incoming messages as well as files on your PC
  • ThinkAutomation runs every new document pulled against your pre-defined rules
  • It then fires the relevant automation (or series of automations) to extract, update, and upload
  • New documents are checked for every minute, and automations run in subseconds

Parse email attachment use cases

  • Save incoming attachments to local or cloud systems and folders
  • Extract specific data from parsed attachments and add them to your database or CRM
  • Add attachments to outgoing messages
  • Rename attachments as they are saved, using field values extracted from the incoming email as part of the renamed file name
  • Create complex mail merges
  • Transform, copy and convert: rendering Word, Excel, and JPEG files into PDFs in a single click
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired workflow